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BRIDGEtown News - December 2023

Breaking New Ground, Construction Progress, and Resident Programs

BRIDGEtown News - October 2023

Celebrating 40 years of strengthening communities—beginning, but not ending, with affordable housing.

BRIDGEtown News - June 2023

Breaking Ground, Opening Homes, Welcoming New Leaders and more

BRIDGEtown News - November 2022

New Homes, New Hope and more

5th Anniversary Report: Colwell Scholarship

Impacts of the Kent Colwell Scholarship

BRIDGEtown News - August 2022

Senior Supportive Housing, New Capital for Acquisitions and more

BRIDGEtown News - June 2022

New Construction, Senior Acquisition, Supporting Scholars and more

20th Anniversary Report: Stein Scholarship

Impacts of the Alan and Ruth Stein Educational Assistance Program

BRIDGEtown News - April 2022

Community Renewal, Collaborations, Celebrating Scholars and more

BRIDGEtown News - February 2022

Sustainable Communities, Equitable Access, Advancing in L.A. and more

BRIDGEtown News - December 2021

Opening Doors to Homes, Learning, Health and more

BRIDGEtown News - August 2021

Major Milestones, Celebrating Community, Honoring Scholars and more

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

Outlines key strategies to embed DEI principles into all aspects of BRIDGE's work (version 2.0)

BRIDGEtown News - June 2021

Welcome Home, Better Buildings, Supporting Scholars and more

BRIDGEtown News - April 2021

New Homes, Local Jobs, Vaccine Access and more

BRIDGEtown News - February 2021

Equitable TOD, BRIDGE the Digital Divide and more

2021 Who Lives in BRIDGE Housing

Resident demographics and data about the impact of affordable housing on resident experiences, stability, quality of life

Jordan Downs 2021 Impact Report

Highlights community impacts to date of the Jordan Downs neighborhood revitalization initiative in Los Angeles

BRIDGEtown News - December 2020

Homes to End Homelessness, Vital Support for Residents, First Impact Bonds and more

BRIDGEtown News - October 2020

Celebrating Resident Scholars, Breaking New Ground, Boosting Housing Stability and more

Rebuild Potrero 2020 Impact Report

New report highlights community impacts to date of the Rebuild Potrero initiative in San Francisco

BRIDGEtown News – August 2020

Renewing a Tower, Breaking Ground, Supporting Residents and more

BRIDGEtown News – June 2020

A Promise Kept, Hope for the Future and more

BRIDGEtown News – April 2020

$35M for Watts, Healthy Homes, the Spirit of Giving and more

BRIDGEtown News – February 2020

Moving In, Topping Out, Equitable TOD and more

BRIDGEtown News – December 2019

Season of Giving, Potrero is Home and more

BRIDGEtown News – October 2019

Resources for Families, Transit-Oriented Development, A Dream Come True and more

2019 Policy Update

Roundup of recent bills and propositions in CA, OR, WA

BRIDGEtown News – August 2019

Addressing Homelessness, Saving Energy and more

Faster, Better, More

Promising Construction and Technology Approaches for Accelerated and Efficient Affordable Housing Development (May 2019, prepared by Stewards of Affordable Housing for the Future)

BRIDGEtown News – June 2019

Creating Homes and Jobs, Resident Scholarships, Construction Innovation and more

2019-2023 Strategic Plan

BRIDGE's five-year road map focuses on six interrelated strategic initiatives

BRIDGEtown News – April 2019

Homes for Families, Opportunity Zone Grant, Five-Year Plan and more

BRIDGEtown News – February 2019

Topping Out, Preventing Displacement, New Funding and more

BRIDGEtown News – December 2018

Breaking Ground, Creating Jobs, Building Equitable Communities and more

BRIDGEtown News – September 2018

BRIDGE's Anniversary Gala, $1.5 Million in Scholarships, Better Buildings and more

2017-2018 Annual Report

Building Communities that Matter
Download PDF

Trauma Informed Community Building 

The Evolution of a Community Engagement Model in a Trauma Impacted Neighborhood (BRIDGE Housing, Harder + Company, Weinstein: 2018) Download 

BRIDGEtown News – June 2018

Why Affordable Housing Matters, Homes and Jobs, $19 Million in Funding and more

BRIDGEtown News – March 2018

New Anchors of Integration, Breaking Ground in Portland, BRIDGE at 35 and more

BRIDGEtown News – January 2018

Bringing Deep Affordability to Portland, $180K in Scholarships, Mixed-Income in San Diego and more

BRIDGEtown News – October 2017

Balboa Reservoir, Acquisition-Preservation, Helping Families Thrive and more

BRIDGEtown News – July 2017

Modular Marea Alta, Mayfair in El Cerrito, Michael McAfee Joins Board and more

BRIDGEtown News – May 2017

Jordan Downs Groundbreaking, Digital Access for Residents, a Salute to Olson Lee and more

Evaluation of the Healthy Generations Project

This study, published in October 2017 by Harder & Co., confirms that the Healthy Generations Project at Potrero public housing improves school readiness

Potrero Data Briefs

2016 household survey of Potrero in San Francisco offers a snapshot of neighborhood conditions that impact residents' lives and will inform service planning.

2015-2016 Annual Report

View our interactive annual report or click below to download a PDF.

Outdoor space Community Close Up: Rebuild Potrero, San Francisco A February 2016 case study by Build Healthy Places Network. Read more

People with backpacks Partners in Progress Case Study: Rebuild Potrero A February 2016 case study of BRIDGE's work as a grantee of Partners in Progress, an initiative of the Citi Foundation and the Low Income Investment Fund. Read more

 annual report cover2014-2015 Annual Report View our interactive annual report or click below to download a PDF. Download

Mixed income brochure Mixed-Income Brochure BRIDGE has deep experience with a variety of models--solo and in partnership with private developers--that serve people across a range of income and rent levels, from affordable to market rate. Download

Trauma Informed Community Building Evaluation A Formative Evaluation of the TICB Model and its Implementation in Potrero Hill (July 2015 report by the HOPE SF Learning Center, with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation) Download

Lessons Learned from Year One: Implementation of the Community Development Quarterback Model Jan. 2015 findings from BRIDGE Housing's work at Potrero Terrace & Annex and Jordan Downs under the Partners in Progress project Download

Lessons Learned: Bringing a Trauma-Informed Perspective to the Quarterback Role Dec. 2014 findings from BRIDGE Housing's work at Potrero Terrace & Annex, a Partners in Progress project Download

What Does It Mean to Be a Community Development Quarterback? Oct. 2014 findings from BRIDGE Housing's work at Jordan Downs, a Partners in Progress project Download

PARADISE Plan Rebuild Potrero: Practical, Realistic and Desirable Ideas for Social Enrichment (September 2014) Download

Builders Our general brochure provides an overview of BRIDGE Housing Corporation. Download

2013-2014 Annual Report Over the past 18 months, BRIDGE has made significant progress toward the overarching goal set out in our five-year Strategic Plan: advance our mission while sustaining and growing the business. Download

Partners BRIDGE is a leading and trusted community development partner. Read more in this brochure. Download

Neighbors As a developer, owner and property manager, BRIDGE is committed to quality. Read more in this brochure. Download

Trauma Informed Community Building A Model for Strengthening Community in Trauma Affected Neighborhoods (Weinstein, Wolan, Rose: 2014) Download paper  Download CSSP/HUD webinar

Smart Living, Smart Growth This commemorative book, published for BRIDGE's 30th anniversary in 2013, features photos, stories, quotes and infographics about BRIDGE's 75 transit-friendly developments. Download

2013-2017 Strategic Plan A road map for BRIDGE to continue building, sustaining and leading. Download

2011-2012 Annual Report BRIDGE plans to enhance our resident services, increase production and expand our reach into additional markets. Download

2009 Annual Report BRIDGE held its own in 2009. Download

2008 Annual Report At our silver anniversary gala in June 2008... Download

2007 Annual Report 2007 could best be described as a year of leverage. Download

Who Lives in BRIDGE Housing BRIDGE Housing serves both working families and senior citizens. Download

BRIDGE Policy Forum Report As part of BRIDGE Housing’s 25th anniversary year... Download

Child Care Handbook Discussions surrounding quality affordable child care. Download

Housing Affordability in California  Affordable Housing Policy Paper Download

New or Rehab: Striking a New Balance Affordable Housing Policy Paper Download

The Mixed-Income Housing Conundrum Affordable Housing Policy Paper Download

Is Mixed-Population Housing a Solution to Homelessness? Affordable Housing Policy Paper Download

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