Living at BRIDGE FAQs

Due to the high demand for quality affordable housing, most of our existing properties have waitlists for future vacancies, and some waitlists may be closed.

If you are seeking housing, please review the questions and answers below. Then use our searchable Property Finder to gather information and contact the property directly.  The resident manager can answer questions regarding apartment availability, rent, income requirements or restrictions, and how to obtain an application for housing.

Q:  I am interested in living in a BRIDGE property. How do I know if I qualify?

All of our affordable properties have specific income and household size requirements. These requirements vary from property to property and are subject to change. We also have some properties that are exclusively for seniors and/or persons with disabilities. All applicants are screened according to our tenant selection criteria, which is included in each property’s application packet. All of our residents must pass strict credit checks, have excellent references, and be prepared to live in a community that has high standards for its quality of life. Since each property has specific requirements, it is best to contact the property you are interested in for more information. Visit our Property Finder to search our properties and filter by type, county and/or city.

Q:  How do I apply for housing?

Each of our properties requires a separate application to be filled out by all household members.

For newly built properties that are accepting applications, please contact the leasing staff by phone to have one mailed to you, or visit the leasing office to pick up an application.  It is important to note that when we open a development, we generally move people in on a “first qualified, first offered” basis. In other words, once we begin taking applications, we process files and move people in as fast as possible, so submitting your completed application and responding to information requests in a timely manner is critical.

When a property is under construction and we are not yet ready to accept applications, we have a mailing list, which allows you to be notified when application information is available.  Click here to see properties that are under construction.

Most of our existing properties have waitlists for future vacancies. To find out which properties have open waitlists and are accepting applications, please call the properties directly. Due to the high demand for quality affordable housing, some of our properties may have closed waiting lists. We cannot predict how long you may be on a waiting list until housing becomes available. Visit our Property Finder to search our properties and filter by type, county and/or city.

Please note that getting on the upcoming property mailing list and/or sending in an application does not guarantee you an apartment. All applicants are subject to our tenant selection process and are not guaranteed an apartment until they have completed the process and a move-in date has been scheduled with a staff member.  Click here to find out more information about rental opportunities.

Q:  I’ve applied for an apartment at a BRIDGE development and haven’t heard anything. What should I do?

If you’ve applied at an operating property, please call the property’s management office. You can obtain contact information for individual properties by using our Property Finder to search and filter by type, county and/or city. For a new development: Please be patient. You should receive confirmation of receipt of your application within 4 weeks.

Q:  Who manages your apartment buildings?

BRIDGE Property Management Company manages the majority of BRIDGE apartments; a few are managed by our private partners. Virtually all of our properties have resident managers as well as dedicated maintenance and administrative staff who are on call for emergencies and are vigilant about upholding our standards.  We’re proud of the quality of our properties, and we know that without committed, engaged property managers and residents it’s nearly impossible to maintain that high quality over time.

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