Potrero is Home

BRIDGE’s work at Potrero Hill is a comprehensive effort to rebuild 619 units of distressed public housing and create another 1,000 new homes with a range of affordability, plus community facilities, retail, open space, and neighborhood services.

Rebuild Potrero is part of San Francisco’s HOPE SF initiative, the nation’s first large-scale community development effort aimed at redressing systemic racism, disrupting intergenerational poverty, reducing social isolation, and creating vibrant mixed-income communities without displacement. Once completed, between 2031 and 2033, the reenvisioned Potrero Hill community will be mixed-income, service-enriched, and home to more than 1,600 families.

Many Potrero Hill residents have endured substandard housing for decades, but despite these conditions Potrero is their home. BRIDGE’s work to rebuild Potrero is providing longtime residents with the chance to stay in their community and access tools and opportunities to flourish.

“It was exciting to be one of the first residents to move into 1101 Connecticut,” said Johnnie Ledbetter, who has lived in Potrero public housing for nearly a decade. “I thank everybody for their support in making the transition. I’m looking forward to building a future here and doing everything I can do to help grow our community.”

Watch the videos below to hear two of our Potrero Hill residents' stories.

Potrero Needs Your Support!

Gifts from generous individuals allow BRIDGE to provide residents with supportive programs and services such as community building activities, wellness programs, and online learning. These are the building blocks to ending generational poverty and creating equitable change!

Please consider making a gift to support BRIDGE’s important work in Potrero Hill!

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