Proposed Affordable Homes: St. Luke’s Site

Thank you for wanting to learn more about BRIDGE Housing and our discussions with St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.

BRIDGE Housing has a 38-year track record of building affordable and mixed-income housing in Seattle and throughout the West Coast. We are very excited to be part of St. Luke’s vision and recognize that the parish has been a long-standing neighbor and spiritual anchor to the Ballard community.

You likely received a mailing letting you know that we are submitting affordable housing loan applications to both the City of Seattle’s Department of Housing and Washington State Housing Trust Fund. The loans are specifically for the production and preservation of affordable rental housing. The applications for both loans are due on September 15, 2021.

Although our conversations with St. Luke’s Church are still conceptual, as a nonprofit housing provider, we must apply for loans and grants very early in the pre-design process to secure funding by the time we start to seek planning and land-use approvals.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and respective answers. We understand that as a neighbor you will have more questions than we can answer at this early stage, but we do want to share what we can say with some certainty.

Q: What are you planning to build on the site?
A: Approximately 80 apartments for families with low incomes

Q: Who will you serve?
A: The proposed apartments will serve families at or below 60% of Area Median Income (AMI), currently $69,420 for a family of four in the Ballard area, including units at lower income levels such as 30% and 50% AMI if subsidy can be secured. For more information about BRIDGE resident demographics, please read Who Lives in BRIDGE Housing.

Q: What is the timeline?
A: At this very early stage, it is premature to speculate about timing but if the project moves forward, we will be in the early design phase within the coming year.

Q: How do I stay informed?
A: Please bookmark this page; we will add additional FAQs as and when we are able to answer them.

Q: Will you manage the site when it is operational?
A: The proposed apartments will have a live-in manager, property management office and on-site comprehensive resident support services. As a long-term, nonprofit owner, BRIDGE is committed to good stewardship of its properties.

Q: Who do I contact with more questions?
A: In a few months, we anticipate having a designated contact person. It is too early for that right now given that we are still just in the conceptional phase. However, you can send us your questions via this landing page and we will create an FAQ for when the project moves to early design.

BRIDGE Housing