Peace on Earth Begins at Home

December is a good time to talk about Peace on Earth–something we seem to have in short supply. As the war in Syria continues to raze ancient cities and inflict horrible casualties on civilian families, America continues to reel from open meanness, and the most divisive election in memory.

How do we turn our attention back to common civility, caring for others, respect for diversity of people, of opinion, of religion, of lifestyle? By taking a deep breath, giving it some thought and keeping on doing what we are doing.

We at BRIDGE have an uncommon bond of common purpose. A mission devoted to creating a level playing field by providing people with affordable housing and opportunities to succeed. Regardless of where we do our work, we all face the daily challenges of this business–be it the multilayered rules of compliance with a hundred different funders, the challenges of developing with challenging entitlements and even trickier financing, the accountant’s task of paying bills for one project from 17 sources–we each do our part by appreciating what everyone else does to make our collective efforts succeed.

As we race to the end of the year, I’m asking our team to take a pause to be grateful for the work each person does and how well that has allowed us to advance the mission. Say hello and give a smile to the residents who live in our buildings, to the neighbors who live next door.

We have been given a gift to be able to work in a field that is focused on helping community, helping others and thus helping ourselves. I have been given the gift of working with our staff and partners, and I am thankful for everyone’s talents and devotion to the work.

Peace on Earth begins at home and only with that kernel kindled will it spread throughout the land.

Have a joyous end to the year and thank you for all you do for BRIDGE!



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