Measuring Up: Nearly $4B in Ballot Initiatives

Along the west coast and in other markets around the country, the dire need for affordable housing is at an all-time high. BRIDGE received a heartbreaking 10,000 applications for just 115 apartments in one of our newest buildings, Marea Alta in San Leandro, and 5,000 for 68 apartments at AvéVista in Oakland (application line pictured below).

In the face of scarce resources and rising costs, it is encouraging to see cities, counties and advocates taking action: almost $4 billion in affordable housing measures are at stake on the November ballots in California and Oregon.

BRIDGE is proud to endorse many of these nonpartisan measures, which will generate more homes for seniors, veterans and working families who are getting priced out of their own communities. Among the major propositions we support:

Earlier this month, BRIDGE celebrated the grand opening of The Abigail: 155 new apartments in Portland’s Pearl District, including 128 for families with low incomes. The property, whose logo features an “equal” sign, is named for Abigail Scott Duniway (below), a Portland businesswoman and activist who was instrumental in gaining voting rights for Oregon women in 1912. She was the first woman to register to vote in Multnomah County.

Please join me in honoring Abigail’s incredible determination by registering to vote today. If you care about thriving communities with housing opportunities for all, there are many ways to make a difference: learn more about the measures above, volunteer, endorse, get the word out, and remember, your vote is your voice!

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