On Fathers and Families

Father’s Day is coming up, and for me it highlights the importance of family and the ways BRIDGE supports families, such as developing affordable homes, and offering programs that promote healthy parent-child relationships.

Sadly, I lost my own father at a young age, but I always felt loved and I count myself blessed, as several uncles were dad-like surrogates to me. Despite those blessings, I am all too aware that children today face challenges to success if they don’t have reliable role models or families to nurture them and teach them how to navigate the world.

At BRIDGE, it is our priority to help families through housing, providing them with resources and opportunities to reach for advancement. Time after time, we have seen that residents who succeed are eager to give back to their communities, which in itself makes communities that much stronger.

Across our portfolio, we have numerous programs that support families in different ways. At Potrero in San Francisco, for example, the Healthy Generations Project brings parents and children together to cook nutritious meals, read stories, play board games and visit with neighbors. In Los Angeles, at Jordan Downs, Project Fatherhood focuses on fathers and father figures as role models and active participants in their children’s lives (hear Aaron Pineda, a Jordan Downs dad, talk about his children’s futures in this BRIDGEtown video).

Today, I have two young grandsons, ages 2 and 4. They have a super dad, I’m delighted to say, who’s married to my daughter and devoted to the task. However, when I look at the boys and their very happy lives, I see something of both their grandfather and great-grandfather (my dad) in their determined little selves. I don’t doubt that when they grow up, they will plan in some way to give back to community.

Have a safe and happy Father’s Day!


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