Road Map for the State of Change

After months of scenario planning, brainstorming, idea-floating and tough discussions, BRIDGE published its 2013-2017 Strategic Plan. The process to get to the finished product was highly participatory and iterative, and I am grateful to our Board and senior leadership for staying the course and producing an ambitious yet realistic plan—one which recognizes our strong core operating platform and calls upon BRIDGE to essentially double in size over a five-year period.

Now that the plan is complete, I am determined not to relegate it to some dusty shelf in the office. Instead, we are treating it as a dynamic, living document. It is a road map for the company as we navigate an environment where change is constant: constrained resources, different regulations, new opportunities, innovative partnerships.

During the next five years, the plan will be subject to frequent review so that modifications and mid-course horizon shifts can be adjusted as required. Ultimately, this plan will help BRIDGE adapt more nimbly and continue to lead by the tenets of our mission: “quantity, quality and affordability.” I look forward to keeping you apprised of BRIDGE’s progress.

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