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Ownership Properties

For some families, the opportunity to become a first-time homeowner is a major step toward greater economic security.

Surveys indicate that homeownership is an aspiration for many families who live in BRIDGE rental apartments. In addition to offering workshops and classes that help prepare families to become homeowners, BRIDGE has developed a number of ownership properties in partnership with city and county programs for first-time homebuyers. Below are some examples.

Mission Walk
Mission Walk offers 131 affordable one-, two-, and three-bedroom for-sale townhomes and flats in San Francisco's Mission Bay neighborhood.
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Armstrong Townhomes
Armstrong Townhomes offers 124 affordable townhomes and duplexes for first-time homebuyers located in the Bayview District of San Francisco.
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Mandela Gateway Townhomes
Mandela Gateway Townhomes offers 14 affordable three-bedroom townhomes and flats in Oakland.
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Willowbrook offers 102 mixed-income one-, two-, and three-bedroom for-sale condominiums in Pinole.
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Parkview Commons
Parkview Commons consists of 114 low- and moderate-income homes for first-time homebuyers on the former Polytechnic High School site across from Kezar Stadium in San Francisco.
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Park Circle Townhomes
Park Circle Townhomes is the homeownership component of the Richmond City Center Master Plan.
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